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Gratitude Grocery (Alpha)

Gratitude Grocery is a WIC and EBT grocery store that aims to help families from impoverished backgrounds obtain healthy affordable food options within a food desert city called Fresno. We are deploying a trifecta approach of great customer service by providing E-Commerce, Onsite Retail, and Mobile Truck options for our customers.

Parents who rely on public assistance are treated inhumanely, and have to suffer the reality of lost time with their loved ones. Some endure 2 hour bus trips to get groceries,(Precious time that could be spent with family, working, volunteering, learning, creating businesses, and loving.) must endure the revolving expensive hospital visits from consuming unhealthy foods, and receive scornful judgement and impatience from customers in line, and the cashiers that assist them scornfully when their benefits are utilized. Gratitude Grocery strives to eliminate this harsh reality that stands before us.

All customers are treated with dignity and are given the same services regardless of their payment options utilized at checkout.

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